Monday, June 20, 2011

Week 2 SPEED!

I think the Iron I've been taking is's still a bit early to tell though. I figure I've got to wait about another week to see if lack of blood cells were what was causeing my fatigue.

In the mean time I've caught a cold. I mean com eon, what's more awesome than trying to start an aggressive Marathon training program missing blood, being very fatigued WHILE fighting off a cold?!


Tonight is our second speed workout and we are scheduled to complete 4 X 800 @3:17 (2 min RI). THis means I need to run half a mile at a 6:35 pace with a 2 minute recovery FOUR times.

Ordinarilly I wouldn't be to horribly worried about it. Before all this mess I could run a mile at that pace. Now I'm jut happy if I don't pass out after vomiting.

I'm going to give it the ol' try though. Two minutes is a pretty good recovery period.

Now if only we could uncode our Garmin to track all this information...

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Matthew said...

"Now I'm jut happy if I don't pass out after vomiting."

The nice thing about exercise is how it improves your quality of life =)