Thursday, June 23, 2011

it's coming...

I ran our Tempo run last night, which consisted of a mile warm up, a five mile tempo with a pace of 8:12 per mile and then a mile cool down.

I know that it about kills Amy to run short distances at that pace:) But I'll be honest I was kind of glad that we weren't going any faster. Each run since I've started taking the supplements has gotten better and better!

It makes me SO happy:)

a bit of a TMI funny story...I've been trying to eat more foods rich in Iron so I don't have to keep taking pills. I don't really like beets, but they're high in Iron and I found a recipe that sounded good so I thought I'd give it a try.

It still tasted like Beets (a subtle dirt flavour) but with citrus and was pretty good. I'd eat it again.

Funny part- I was using the bathroom and noticed that the bowl was a dark Pink/ light Red, which freaked me out and I immediately thought "I'm hmmoraging!" then I thought "I'm on my period" except I didn't feel like I was on my period...then I realised...I ate beets...and it turned my pee BRIGHT PINK/RED! and that made me think I was dying:)

I'm a dork.


Amy N. said...

I LOVE beats! You're weird for not liking them. Weirdo.

Melissa said...


I completely agree about beets and her being weird. ;)