Saturday, June 25, 2011

It was kind of amazing

This weekend marks the end of the second week of marathon training.

Amy was originally registered for the Full Seattle Rock N' Roll Marathon but when she got into St. George she changed her registration to the Half marathon.

Yeah, she ran it in 1:45:10. She's so fast.

Heather ran her 2nd EVER half marathon in 1:39:32.

Between them and Jimmy (who ran his first half marathon EVER in 1:45:56) I'm feeling pretty darn slow right now.

To pour a bit of balm on my wounded ego I went for a run in the Redwood National Forest!
Jason has been working a trade show just outside the park and when I heard that he was going to be so close I took him up on his offer of going with him.

Let me tell you that Redwood trees are AMAZING! Even the smallest are larger than any tree I've ever seen. It was a trail run so I tried to keep my eyes on trail but it was really hard with such huge trees all around me.

This tree is the "Boy Scout Tree"

I thought I was going on a 3ish mile run but it turned out to more along the lines of a 9 mile run:)
I'm not positive on the exact pace and distance because my Garmin had trouble locating the satalites (surprise, surprise)- also I kept stopping and taking photos:) Thanks goodness for the self timer! It also wasn't as bad lugging my SLR with me as I ran as I thought it would be.


Amy N. said...

Technically it's only my second half marathon too. :) Heather makes me feel really slow as well!

Looks like you had a gorgeous run! Just beautiful!

Matthew said...

Did you take a tiny tripod with you?

Terra said...

@Amy yeah, but you just seem to be more experienced:) and you make me feel super slow too! At least you complain with me when the run bites:)

@ Matt I did NOT bring a tiny gipping tripod- which I lamented on later:)