Friday, July 08, 2011

But I like bread...

Two weeks ago Jason started the Paleo Diet.

He even bought the book.

I THOUGHT I knew what the diet was about (not eating processed foods-lower carb, no dairy) but my friend Melissa has been following the diet and she said I had no idea what I was talking about and it was so much more!

I decided to read the book. Partly because I thought it was a bit kooky, (like Adkins) and because I wanted to know what the heck diet Jason was buying groceries for.

So I've read the book and I still think it's a bit kooky. From what I've gathered, the Paleo Diet cuts out ALL grains, dairy, and most legumes.
Clearly by cutting out grains and dairy there is weight loss due to lowering the carb intake to about 20-75 grams of carbs. This is the lower end of Adkins in the 2nd phase. But the diseases prevention seems to come from the statements that grains degrade your intestinal lining which can create compromised barriers and result in autoimmune issues. Same with legumes. The author also wants to create Insulin Sensitivity and feels these foods get in the way.

So far that's what I get from the book. To be honest it feels like the author has found studies and sections that they have interpreted to suite their needs. I really didn't like how there were NO citations through out the book, although the Index seems very user friendly.

Guess what I get to do now?

Yep. Look up the studies and figure out if they actually say what he says they say as well as decide if they are unbiased. The first one I looked up looks pretty biased so we'll see.


Melissa said...

I don't know anything about nut job studies that state crap about stopping disease.

I follow it because grains give me intestinal problems and I'm allergic to dairy. As far as the legumes, I do it to follow the spirit of the way of eating. That's about it. Paleo has given me a guideline for how to eat healthy in the way my body clearly WANTS to eat.

The basic rule to only eat things that could be hunted or gathered thousands of years ago, and eaten without the necessity of cooking it first. Obviously, our bodies cant handle uncooked meat any longer.

That makes sense to me. The rest is mumbo jumbo. ;)

Terra said...

Well this was a different book and author than the one you bought- although he did recommend the one you're reading.

actually a lot of cultures eat uncooked meat and not just sushi. There's a dish in Lebanon that serves meat raw.

From what I read they never really focused on eating what could be hunted/gathered thousands of years ago. It was more about hormones and chemicals that eating certain foods produced and cutting those out. The actual availability of those foods for the Paleolithic man didn't really play into the books statements. This author also started eating this way due to food intoleranc and having Celiac disease

Melissa said...

Just like everything else, people do the same thing for different reasons, from different points of view.

My sister's family and I follow

Like I said before, I didn't read much about it because I didn't need to be convinced. My body already wanted to eat that way. That's all the convincing I needed. LOL!