Sunday, July 10, 2011

Boo to me

I had a 20 mile long run scheduled for this weekend.

I also had a 14 hours drive scheduled.

Guess which one didn't happen.

Yeah....I had the best of intentions, and even broke out to figure out a 20 mile route. The thing is, I'm up in the Blue Ridge Mountains and I kinda don't want to run 20 miles up hill the whole way.

Because I'm lazy like that.

There was also the problem of not being able to find a route that was that long with out getting on tot he HWY. I don't mind running along large roads but these roads are twisty and I dont' want to get hit by a car.

I'm just like that. Come on, it HURTS! (I know).
I guess I could run in 5 mile circles...on a sunday. With the expectation that I need to do speed tomorrow and I suck at speed. And that it will take me 3 hours to do 20 miles in a 5 mile circle.

I think this week is my freebie.


Amy N. said...

I almost bailed on my 20 miler on Saturday too, but then I thought to myself "Terra is counting on me! I have to do it!" And now i find out I could have slacked...

Megan said...
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Terra said...

Nice guilt trip! I really did try and map a route. I thought it would be a good time to practice going downhill:) It's such a small Mountain town though that most of the roads are really windy and don't last for long OR it's HWY.

I was going to do it on my parents treadmill but my Dad told me not too, that it would tear my legs up.
I thought Amy's doing it- I promised her to come back non-gimpy!

Amy N. said...

Well, you'd still better come back non gimpy! If we do any more slacking there is no way we're going to reach our goal that was a stretch anyway! I gotta start making the pace on my tempo runs, they are the hardest for me!