Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's just...EW!

I did my speed workout this morning.

1 mile repeats X3 with a minute recovery at a pace of 6:51

Thanks to Amy I figured out how to set up personalized workout on my nifty difty Garmin Forerunner 305...all the better to hear it yell at me to "Speed up"!

I didn't get out of bed as early as I had planned to avoid the heat and humidity (I also forgot to look up what the temp WAS so I could complain accurately)

It was hot and it was humid...very humid.

The kind of humid that makes it feel like you can't breath and makes your sweat just sits slimy on your skin instead of doing what it's supposed to do, which is cool you off.
The kind of humid that makes any bugs your run into stick to your face and neck.

I DID get to see a Doe and her faun! It was tiny and cute:) They just stared at me as I ran by (probably wondering what on earth I was doing)

I kind of hated my Garmin today because I think the tree cover really messed with the pacing. When I started it told me I was going too fast and later when I felt like I was putting at least as much effort into my run it told me I was going too slow.


Even though she's way better at speed than I am I really can't wait until I can run with Amy again. Speed is just SO much easier with someone than alone.

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