Saturday, July 16, 2011


Well I'm back in Olympia where the sun never shines (when you're running anyway) and where it rains everyday...

18 miles in the rain...

I met Amy and Heather a little after 7am (I was late) filled my water bottles and realized I had left my Garmin on the table. Luckily I knew Amy would have hers so I could mooch off her readings:)

Did I mention it was raining?

It was actually a really nice run- good company too!

Plus I managed to maintain a 9:02 pace through out the run. We were supposed to maintain an 8:57 pace and I think we actually did a bit faster but Amy was having some knee problems and we walked down the two hills instead of running.

I'm just SO HAPPY that I had no great trouble running the 18 miles! I mean no more than 18 miles naturally causes:)

I thought I was doing better but it was hard to measure when I thought I was going to die in the humidity.

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Amy N. said...

I am so glad you're not gimpy anymore! And unfortunately I was! Boo! Monday will be a gimp free run!