Friday, August 19, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Friday!

Because I didn't post this on Thursday...Maybe I should save that for the Awkward portion


1. Realizing AFTER I went rafting that I was wearing the shoes I planned on wearing for my speed work...and now they were squishy wet.
2. The sharp throbbing pain in my big toe as it hit the bottom of the river after our boat flipped.

3. The irrational hostility I felt towards anyone within a 5 foot radius of me...while on an airplane.

4. Realizing that for someone who weight 120lbs two sleeping pills really is one to many. I didn't sleep them off until 1pm the next day.


1. Getting to go to the National White Water Rafting Center with my mother:) and getting to try stand up paddle boarding!

2. My mother finally got to see me wall climbing. I never realized that she hadn't ever seen me wall climb before...she's the one who bought me my climbing harness.

3. Zip lining! with my mother! 1,183 ft!

4. Doing my Tempo run on Wednesday faster than I needed too!

5. Not coming home to find all my plants dead:)

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