Saturday, August 20, 2011

5:30am and 15 miles

I'll be honest, if I wasn't training with Amy I would have totally slept in this morning.

Last night Jason finished his workout and was completely 11pm at night.
He wanted a treat from the store and asked me to go with him so I did. Then he wanted to watch a movie, which I told him I just couldn't.

I had to be up and ready to run in 5 1/2 hours!

He stayed up, while I went to bed but I couldn't sleep. I always seem to have a hard time settling down the night before a long run or a race. I just couldn't seem to get comfortable and I kept waking up.

This of course didn't make the horror any less when the alarm went off.


I managed to get my gear on and my water bottles, and my shot block to eat and head out the door somewhat on time.

I also managed to put my Garmin on upside down, and my water belt on upside down as well.

Didn't really matter though since my Garmin wouldn't turn on once we started running.

This meant I needed to stick with Amy so that I would know how far to run and how fast we were going.

And we were going FAST! We got caught up with the fast guys and I remember thinking..."I don't know how fast we're going, but I'm pretty darn sure it's fast tan 8:32 per mile" I was kind of hoping that Amy would have to use the bathroom at Marathon Park so we could ditch the fast guys and run at a more reasonable pace but no such luck. THIS was the week that she didn't have to do a potty break at every bathroom:)

We finally ditched those guys only to get caught in another group of fasties! and then Nick caught up on his way back so she was running faster because he runs fast.

Did I forget to mention I forgot to eat any breakfast? Yeah, I did.
Nick finally got bored slumming it with the slow pokes and took off, but really by that time we jut figured we'd see how long we'd last:) We actually did slow down a bit- or at least Amy did out of pity for me:)

Over all she finished with an average pace of 7:55 per mile and we think I did about an 8:05 per mile. I also made a new 1/2 marathon distance PR! 1:43 which beats out the 1:49 I did in May.

Oh, my toe has been holding up very well. Running downhill makes it hurt, but then it goes numb so, same thing fine, right?


Amy N. said...

In my defense I would have stuck with you much better if I had realized that your garmin wasn't working. That information didn't process until about mile 10. But despite everything you still did a rockin' run!

Terra said...

Eh, it was a training run and you were like lightening! I wouldn't want you to hang back just because my watch wouldn't work:)