Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fifteen down, one to go!

Saturday I completed my second to last long run.

It's a little scary to think of actually. Up till now, the race was always so far away I didn't have to worry about it too much because there was plenty of time to get over injuries, or to train harder.

Not anymore.

Friday I set out my running clothes in preparation for my 5:30am wake up call.

Running top
Running bra
favorite pair of running socks
Fuel Belt
Water bottles
electrolyte caps

It felt like it took forever to fall asleep but I finally did. I don't even remember what prompted me, in my sleep, to think "I should check what time it is". was 5:53am.

I'm supposed to meet the group at South Sound Running at 6am.

I threw off the blankets and ran for the bathroom where I had left all my stuff.
This prompted my cat to sprint in front of me, sure that I was just excited to feed him again. (We feed him in the bathroom to keep the dog out of his food. Not that Grace stands a chance at getting any Spock is that into his food.)

I tripped over him and fell into the door. I guess it could have been worse if the door had been open. At the time it didn't really make a difference to me.
I threw on my clothes and franitcally looked for my car keys.

From the time I woke up to the time I pulled into South Sounds parking lot 16 minutes had past. (10 of which was driving time). It was like early morning seminary all over again.

I even managed to grab a banana and eat it on the way.

I also learned on the car ride over that my Garmin's batteries were dead.

I missed the group so I headed out hopping to catch up with them. It took me about a mile to realize that I was NOT going the same way as the main group.

Awesome. I was running blind on my pace AND distance.

I knew that the route I was on was supposed to be 12.3 miles...and that I was suppose to go 13.1. I figured I would just run out an extra 1/2 mile before turning around.

The question was, HOW was I supposed to measure that 1/2 mile?
After thinking about it (I had plenty of time on my hands) I decided that I normally averaged an 8 minute mile (or close enough for my purposes) so the way to measure it would be to COUNT to 60, 4 times giving me half of an eight minute mile.

Yep. I counted (on my fingers no less) to 60, 4 times while also trying to maintain a consistent pace.
I was special that morning to be sure.
After I got home I mapped my route and figured my average pace based on the total time I was running.

Wait for it....I ran 13.78 miles and averaged 7:50 per mile! WITHOUT ANY HELP PACING!
It was more than a little exciting for me:)

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Amy N. said...

I feel a panic attack coming on! It's becoming so real!

You are going to rock race day!