Friday, October 14, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


1.The number of people who not only noticed but commented on my wearing makeup today...None of them really said whether it was a good thing or a bad thing. Either way I must look really frumpy normally.

2. The number of ours I've spent looking through No really...hours.

3. The pittiful look on Grace's (my dog) face as I left her at home on my way to go running. I needed to do the awesome Tempo pace listed in yesterday's post and she can't/won't keep up.

4. I think Amy gave me her cold. I'm sneezing a lot today and that's a sign of getting sick.


1. Picking up my friend Lissa from the airport for our awesome weekend of girly fun! Which means we're going to run in a race:) Because that's the kind of girls we are.

2. The number of cupcake recipe's I've found on! I'm going to get fat from all of them I want to try. I guess I'll have to invite Amy N. over a lot- at least it will slow her down during our speed workouts.

3. My run tonight and all the people who came to Vic's Pizza to hang out, eat and have a great time!

4.I'm almost done with my crochet to follow.


Amy N. said...

If it makes you feel better I haven't sneezed at all with my cold.

I'm sad I missed the pizza thing last night, but it's one thing to hang out outdoors with my cough, it's another thing to be sitting in front of food next to someone who is coughing.

Catherine said...

I am an awesome cupcake disposal system, if you're looking for test-eaters...

Terra said...

Amy and I were talking and we think it would be fun to have a cupcake exchange:) I can just imagine all those different cupcakes to try without having to make them myself...:)