Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Last night I was talking (bragging really) to my husband about my awesome night of speed work on Monday and said that it was hard but still really awesome.

He said I just needed to work at it for it to get easier.


I told him running isn't really like that the whole point of progressing is that it's always kind of hard.
When it starts getting easier, you set new goals. It's kind of awesome like that.

Then I told him Runners Rule and P90xers and Insaityers Drool.

Oh, and that he's a wuss if he doesn't bet Amy that he can do more hand stand push ups that she can.

Tonight I ran two easy miles and then 3 Short Tempo Miles (7:15 goal pace) I was kind of all over but the average is pretty close to that.

1. 7:25
2. 7:05
3. 7:14

Well, lookie there! it turns out that I was one second off my goal pace with an average of 7:14 per mile! (according to pace calculator)

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Amy N. said...

Wow, that's some serious trash talk!

Great times on your run!