Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'm a Rock Star!

Monday nights Speed work was fantastic!
I guess first I should tell you that after Amy and I got a our PR's at the Zombie Dash, she found out that she needed to change her goal paces to a lot faster...She's actually been running those paces, but now that it's official it seems a lot scarier.

Luckily I don't need to change mine because it turns out that they've been faster than what I was supposed to be doing anyway:)

Kind of explains why I was running a bit slower than I thought I was supposed to.
But on Monday I totally kept up with my Faster Than I'm Supposed To Be Running paces!

I ran 4 X 1000 (400 RI)

My goal was to do the 1000 Meters at 4:04 (6:29 per mile pace)
I did them in 4:00, 4:01, 4:02, 4:14

So I slowed down on the last but I think that had to do with the fact that it was getting dark and I couldn't see my pace. I suck at internally pacing and really have no idea what I'm running unless you group it as "slow" "Slower" "Faster" and "Fast".

I'm trying to get better at it though, and I am...slowly.
My Dad can totally pace himself down to the second by his breathing. He's weird like that though.

Then I went over to Amy's house and did P90x Core Synergistics and now my tush is sore.

Must have been all those lunges.

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Amy N. said...

Awesome job on your speed work! That's incredible!

My tush is sore too, but in a good way. Just think of how all that strength will propel us up those hills!