Monday, October 24, 2011

Zombie Dash 2011 5K

I got a new 5k PR!

Amy and I have been using the Run Less, Run Faster training program (and we really should be getting some kind of kick back for the number of times we plug this training plan). We LOVE it! Speed work on Monday, Tempo on Wednesday, and a Long Tempo on Saturday.

We used this plan all through our marathon training and even though we didn't get our Boston Qualifying time I would put money down that both of us were physically ready to get it at St. George.

We're just delicate flowers and it was too hot:)

But we both told each other that we KNOW we are faster runners, and just plain stronger runners because of this program. That's why we wanted to see what we could do if we used the 5k training cycle. Neither one of us have ever "trained" for a 5k so it's a new experience for us.

We went into the Zombie Dash 5k with the idea that we needed to get new 5k base times in order to know if we are training at an appropriate level...

Not that it's a surprise but Amy needs to adjust her speed workouts to a faster pace...maybe I do too, I haven't checked. I'm still basking in my PR 22:08!

Eat THAT Wade!
Of course now that he knows what I'm running, He'll probably start actually training and beat me in the next race:)

(I'm actually running I promise! For some reason all my running photos look like I"m walking)

I'm so happy about my time I can't stop talking about it! I spent YEARS being so slow that my father and sister would finish their runs and come back to check on me. I always knew I would finish whatever distance I signed up for, it would just take me a long time...but I WOULD finish!
And now I'm running a 5k (my worst distance) in 22:08!

My split times could be improved and that alone (I feel) would improve me overall performance.
Mile 1. 6:59
Mile 2. 7:05
Mile 3. 7:12
Mile .12. 6:45 (I'm telling you it's from all the cheering!)

Mile 3 was technically uphill slightly but I think a little more experience with my speed work and other 5k races I'll be able to manage my energy out put better and not slow down so much at the end.

Enough about me though, I also wanted to say that I LOVE cheering runners on runs. I loe it when people come out to do an activity as awesome as running, even though it's uncomfortable and maybe a little scary for them. I LOVE seeing people reach their goals- plus I know how much I appreciate it when people cheer me on and make me feel like rock star even though I'm no where NEAR the front of the pack.


Amy N. said...

You did an awesome job and you're way faster than you thought you were! Way to go Terra!

Sarah Grecco said...

Way to go!!! You did amazing!

I also love cheering on runners. The looks are their face are priceless and so inspiring.

Get UP & Go

Elisabeth said...

Darn, way to go! I cannot fathom the day of being that fast - definitely something to be proud of. I'd cheer ya on!