Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I love running!

It isn't any surprise that it was raining tonight for our Wednesday run.
We live in the Pacific Northwest after all, and it IS October.

It still seems like a shock after the sunny days we've enjoyed throughout the summer as well as the sun in Utah. It started raining almost the moment we crossed the state line on our road trip back.

It also isn't any surprise that Amy wanted to run a Tempo tonight instead of an easy run:) She was still on the fence until a new runner showed up who said his pace was 7 minute miles. You could see her whole body perk up at that news.

We're really well matched in our running, but she is FASTER than me!
(I totally beat her in the marathon though- but to be fair she did better in her age division than I did in mine- we'll call it a tie).

I keep wondering why she's faster...
I think she might be more competitive than I am. It bugs me to be beaten but it KILLS her to get anything.

I think I should be more focused on getting the times during our workouts so that on race day it's not so easy to think "It's O.K. I'll make the time up in a minute".

It seems crazy that I could run as fast as the paces on the training plan!

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Amy N. said...

You are a much stronger marathon runner than I am for sure.

I'm excited for out 5k plan! It sounds like so much fun to me!!