Monday, October 31, 2011

It might be me next...

Jason and I have a lot of pets.

We have a dog (Grace who is a Golden Retriever/Golden Lab mix)

A cat (Spock, who is just the Neighborhood Special)

and two Birds. (Peanut is a Indian Ring Necked Parakeet and Fred is a Green Cheeked Conure)

We also have some fish.

We got Grace from the pound so that I would have a running partner and because both Jason and I love dogs. Jason brought Spock home shortly after we were married because he also likes cats. I like them too but at the time I had my childhood dog and he was pushing 14 years old at the time, and I didn't really want to take care of something else for 20 years.

Jokes on me.

Jason thought Spock was cute ( he really was) so he brought him home anyway.

Grace is wonderful.
Spock is...stressed. At all times. It turns out that a cat can be a emotional eater as easily as any human. His top weight was 20 lbs after he vacationed at Grandmas house and he's been on a VERY reluctant diet ever since. (I just weighed him and I am the proud Pet Parent to a 16 POUND cat.) It's not even like he's a tall cat he has tiny, stubby little legs and a very round belly.

(Those are dishes large enough for a large breed of dog...that cat is seriously the size of a smallish Cocker Spaniel)

On the upside he can now fit on the window ledges for his naps. He still kind of oozes off the side though.

We feed him at night so that he sleeps and doesn't bother us during the night. LAST night he nearly got in the shower with me in his demand for his dinner! He's convinced he's on the brink of starvation at all times. He eats the dogs food if Grace doesn't eat it all right away.

In other news Gobstoppers are gross. I still ate the entire package though so now I need to eat some skittles to get the taste out of my mouth.

What sorts of pets you you have?

How do you manage their diet to keep them healthy and active?

And MOST importantly...what's your favorite Halloween candy?


Melissa said...

Thank god I only have 1 pet. I feed him as much or as little as I want. At least non of yours have allergies. :)

He is 15 and not the most active. I FINALLY found a toy that he likes to play with. I play with him a couple of times a day figuring movement is exercise. :)

He topped out at 19.3 pounds. I don't know what he is down to now, but he is looking downright skinny. :)

When I was a kid, my favorite halloween candy was a toss up between Nerds and Milk Duds.

NOW it is Laffy Taffy. If I could still eat milk, it would still be Milk Duds. :)

Matthew said...

That's too funny not to comment. Lucky for you, I have the perfect solution. As caffeine is an appetite suppressant, just crumble some dexatrim into his cat food. Hilarity will follow (more for me than you).


Terra said...

I'm sitting at the computer right now, listening to him eat Grace's he's trying to "bury" the bowl in the kitchen.