Tuesday, November 01, 2011

What do YOU do?

When you're 32 years old, married and don't have kids holidays like Halloween get a little lack luster.

What dd I do for Halloween?
Well, it was Monday so I went running:) Since Amy and Heather both have adorable little boys we adjusted the time frame to earlier in the evening so they could take their munchkins out Trick or Treating after our run.

Amy's little boys WERE going to go as a Knight and Donald Duck (just scroll past the photos of her and you'll see her adorable boys)

But at the last minute they changed their minds and went as Tigers...again.

I don't know what Heathers son went as- but he's adorable too.

I totally rocked my speed workout again!

Warm up 9:05
1600 meter (6:44) 6:28
1200 meter (6:36) 6:28
800 meter (6:28) 6:23
400 meter (6:22) 6:04
all with a 400 RI)

part of the issue was I wasn't sure what my goal aces were :)

I love it when I do so much better than the goals because it makes me think I might just actually be "fast" runner!

Oh and I went Wall Climbing with Jason after I was done with Speed...Yeah, I schooled him:) Three climbs rated at least 5.9! I haven't climbed in almost a year and before that it had been YEARS! He's been going climbing a lot over the last month.

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Amy N. said...

Running on holidays is the best! Way to rock your workout!