Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Now that I can't have it I want it even more!

Amy and I trained for 4 MONTHS for the St. George Marathon and on race day it was just to HOT to do much more than survive.

(I did LOVE my Popsicle though)

Amy has never hidden the fact that she isn't in love with Marathons and our original plan was to rock the St. George Marathon and then spend 2012 trying out training cycles for some of the other distances like 5k, 10k and 1/2 marathons.

Then we didn't rock St. George and I kind of wanted to try again (because we were totally ready) but Amy didn't want to and if she really didn't want to run another marathon who was I going to train with! A good training partner is like GOLD. It's taken me YEARS to find her and now I totally plan on being that annoying boyfriend who won't go away even though you're married. (Be warned Amy)

Not to worry on the way back from Utah we started talking about registering for the Ogden Marathon in May. The thing is, it sells out super fast and to be ready we would have to be training through the LOVELY wet, rainy, cold winter months...

Plus marathons are expensive.

AND my kid sister decided (selfishly) that she wants to get married next year. It doesn't directly conflict with this one (although it does with the Seattle Rock N' Roll which was our back up marathon) but still.

We thought we would have at least 2 weeks after registration opened to decide about Ogden but it was 70% full by the first day. So we decided NOT to run that one.
But now I feel sad.

I actually LIKE marathons even though it means getting up at 6am to go running in the rain. Well I like that part of them as much as you can really expect a night owl to like mornings.

I keep checking the Ogden site just to rub salt in the wound of disappointment. I think I need to "unlike" their Facebook site so it stops giving me updates.


Amy N. said...

We can still register, but i think Top of Utah will be a better choice for us.

Amylee said...

I was going to tell you to just run Ogden and run with THIS Amy instead of THAT Amy, but then I saw Amy's comment about T.O.U. Seriously- you should do that one! It is an incredible course- you will LITERALLY have a tail wind to Boston. I still might run T.O.U. next year too, I just need to get my husband on board first.

I'm going to be training with a new partner for Ogden and while I'm excited, I'm nervous. Hoping to find a GOLD one in this new partner.

Melissa said...

I have the same 2 words for you:

Long Beach