Thursday, November 03, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Since this is the second time I've attempted to post today...that's kind of awkward.

Amy also asked me a while ago why I hadn't sewn a dress for my cousins wedding. Unfortunately I had and I thought this was a good day to document my awkward attempt.

Trust me it looks even worse in person.

As does my attempt at this dress.

(did you notice how I didn't even iron it so it would look even worse)

Ok this next one isn't so much "awkward" s photo evidence for when I kill that bird.

What the little ingrate did was rip up my favorite plan by the roots no doubt in retaliation for my squirting her earlier for eating the Poinsettia. I should have just let her poison herself.

Last night after the run I was trying to be friendly to a new runner but it was freezing and raining and even he thought it was getting ridiculous how bad I was shivering.

Earlier this week I woke up to Jason showing the Chameleon costume featured below and the words "look at what Terra made! No, not the teddy bear, that's her fake baby"
(I bought a teddy bear that's about the size of an infant so I could try projects on it since I don't have kids or any nieces or nephews nearby. Their parents often forget to send me a photo of the nuggets in the creations *cough* * cough*)

This is a hat I've made for my nephew for Christmas. I might even make a pink one for his sister:)

This is the awesome costume I made for the same nephew for Halloween. His big sister wanted to go as Rapunzel so we needed a costume that would make him look like her Chamelion side kick.

Also Awesome? My scarf that I crocheted from one of my up-cycled sweaters! Made from 100% Baby Alpaca Wool.

For good measure, here is an awkward photo of me being a tiger


Amy N. said...

I don't think the first dress is that bad, just a little ill fitting. It's pretty fabric though!

And what can I do to convince you to make me one of those scarfs? It's awesome!

Our shivering after the run last night was comical (now that I'm warm again).

Melissa said...

I like the first dress, but it needs a solid color instead of a print. I have 1 word about the print you used: curtains. ;) LOL

There is no hope for the 2nd dress. ;)

LOVE the rest. I may have to talk you into making cute hats for my neices and nephew. :)

Hoovy4 said...

The scarf if awesome! And I love the Pascal costume. Super cute.

Amylee said...

That owl hat is awesome! I would totally buy one of those. Being that cold during a run is pure misery... until you get in the hot shower and experience the best feeling in the world.