Saturday, November 05, 2011

Turn that frown upside down!

A couple of weeks ago I ran race called Race for Soldier 1/2 Marathon with a bunch of friends. It was a grea race with fantastic support and the money raised went to an important cause.
The woman who put together the event experienced the tragedy of losing her son to PTSD after his return from Iraq.

Instead of (or maybe in addition to) getting sad or mad at the situation she thought about how she could change it.

The friend who told me about the race and organized signing up as teams (saving me about $40) got sick two weeks before the race with Bronchitis bordering on Pneumonia and couldn't run on race day.

She trained ALL summer and was getting up at 5AM to get her training runs in before work and then at the last minute something out of her control happened and kept her from her goal.

She said she cried a little bit the morning of the race ( I would have too) but she bounced back and decided that there was nothing keeping her from running her first 1/2 marathon and I asked if I could run her first 1/2 marathon with her.

This morning she did it!
It was FREEZING but not raining so I was willing to look on the bright side.
and I bundled. I don't like being cold.

South Sound Running gave us two racing bibs to make it official ('cause their awesome like that)

Her husband and son rode their bikes and were fantastic support staff bringing us water and power bars the whole way:)

We even got some cheers as we ran along the local Greenway where the Puddle Jump 5k/10K race Amy ran in this morning was held!

One of our fellow runners honked a "good job" at us during the last mile which was greatly appreciated. And another runner friend ran a couple of the first miles as well as brought some celebratory pumpkin muffins! Yay for Catherine!

Finish Line photo!

Why yes I DID make us some Finisher Medals:) Because I'm both THAT Awesome and Awkward!

Please....Like I'm going to run a 1/2 marathon and not get some bling.
Even if I have to bring my own:)


Amy N. said...

Awesome job! That's fantastic!

Thanks for looking for me, I was looking for you guys too!

I'm glad everything went well! I love the finishers medals!

Catherine said...

The fact that you made finishers medals is just crazy-awesome.

Amylee said...

That is SO COOL. What a good friend you are! Sometimes I think it is silly that we put so much pressure on ourselves when we can go out and run that certain distance anytime, really. Homemade medals are even cooler- in my opinion :)

Elisabeth said...

Very cool - way to go to both!!