Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Running is Awesome!

Last night I went running with a group of runners who started this year in a Couch to 5k Program, now they're getting ready for their first 1/2 marathon on the 16th!

For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to run it with them...half way through the marathon I was questioning my sanity.

I mean WHO signs up for a 1/2 two weeks after running a marathon that they're trying to do an all time best at?


It turns out that I feel great and that my toes aren't even that sensitive anymore. I lead a Beginning Speed workout taken from "Run Less, Run Faster" 4 X 1200 meter repeats with 400 meters rest in between.

I had to run fast a couple of times to catch up with a runner I wanted to check on and my legs felt fantastic!

My first official run after the race will be tonight at what would normally be our Tempo run. I think regardless of what we do Bill will give Amy and I the stink eye for not staying home and following that ridiculous adage of resting a day for every mile we ran.

I'll be honest...sometimes I think it's kind of funny to watch his eyes cross:) I DON'T do things that are dumb just for a giggle though. If I felt tired sore, o not great I would stay at home.

But I have to burn these little gems off somehow right?

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins

If I can manage to not eat them all myself, I'll bring you some Amy.
'cause I'm fostering our relationship!


Amy N. said...

Sweet! I'm super excited.

Also, I'm totally planning on doing a tempo run. None of this rest garbage.

Terra said...

I kind of figured you would...what do you plan on doing?