Tuesday, October 04, 2011

My version of recovery

I've heard that a runner is supposed to take of a day for every mile run in a race...

Yeah, right! Like I'm EVER going to take almost a month off of running (assuming I'm not injured that is).

I did Rest and Recover yesterday...in the car driving back from Utah.
Amy lent me her magic Compression Socks though so it totally counts! (I want some, I need some! I've already added it to my Amazon Wish list)

Today I'm back and leading a group of runners in a Beginning Speed workout designed for runners logging mileage for a 5k or a 10k. We're doing 4 X 1200 meters with 400 meters Rest.

I really like this group and really enjoy running with them. It's just restful for my body and my head, and resting my brain from hard running is SO important!

Running is supposed to be fun and something to be enjoyed even when it's hard and if you don't take days where you remember that you just won't be running for long.

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Amy N. said...

Hey, don't forget Sunday. We took Monday AND Sunday completely off. So we are good to go again!

And those compression socks are awesome.