Monday, October 03, 2011


I drove all day...well, Amy drove too but we were in the car for 13.5 hours!

Once again our super powers of making the shortest gas/pit stops held strong. We must have only stopped for total of 30 minutes the entire trip.

We also got a lunch subway sandwich for breakfast because we had already been up for 4 hours and it felt like lunch time to us. The nice lady behind the counter took one look at us and gave us extra napkins.

I am so glad to be home, even though I had a great trip, getting to spend time with Lissa, and learning that Amy ISN'T an awful road trip partner!

It was weird to be back in Salt Lake City where I knew where everything was but everything different too. I also think the drivers might be worse than WA drivers...I thought I was going to die every time I drove down there.


Alice Wills Gold said...

Utah drivers are the absolute worst in the country. minivan mom maniacs I think. And old people.

Natty and Treys Big Adventure said...

Hey are you all recovered? Do you have your sights set on your next marathon?

Elisabeth said...

I'm glad we got some time together- next time it will be a lot longer! I'm excited for my Seattle/WA adventure!

So proud of ya!