Saturday, October 01, 2011

It's getting hot out here...


I felt SO good this morning and SO vile by about mile 18. By vile, I mean I realized that I had stopped sweating.

And I was dry heaving a little at time. Plus I managed to choke on my salt tablet and nearly throw up. I'm not really sure I didn't throw up to be honest. I felt a little bad for the young girls volunteering at the water station- I bet after today they will NEVER want to run a marathon:)

On the upside I met some really nice runners AND got a free popsicle from a little boy in the spectators- no I didn't steal it from him! He was handing them out to runners.

Over all I'm not the least bit upset about my run even though I spent 4 months training and there was no reason (other than crippling heat) that I wouldn't get my goal time.

But hey, I got a free popsicle!
...and a medal- you KNOW how I like my bling.


Run Mom Run said...

Way to go Terra. You rocked it. I told you that you would beat me on race day.... (That's the real real reason I let you pass me, not because I was too big of a baby to run anymore.)

Elisabeth said...

I love your bling- makes me want to train for, run, AND finish a Marathon in that sweltering heat just to get one! ;)