Friday, September 30, 2011

The night before

Well we made it to St. George in one piece, picked up our packet, wandered the Expo (I always think the Expos are going to be awesome- kind of like a runner's Christmas- but they aren't really.

Maybe it's because I'm cheap and never buy anything while I'm there. Plus I seem to do out of town marathons so the booths with upcoming races don't really apply to me.

The t-shirts are super cute! Plus the little girl scouts who were in charge of handing out the bib numbers were ADORABLE! She looked like she was about 12ish but she was all business while she asked us our number, confirmed our name ans asked to see I.D. and explained how our chip was in the bib number.

I just wanted to tell her how CUTE she was! Luckily I realized that she wouldn't think that was cute at all.

So I just said "thank you".

After we got to our hotel Amy and I decided to get all OCD and lay out our race stuff...ALL of it.

Running Skirt
Running Bra
Running tank top...I mean singlet
Fuel Belt
4 bottles (with tops)...I probably managed to bring the leaky one...I always do.
chap stick
Shot blocks
Breakfast power bar
bib number (with safety pins)
Salt tablets (17!)
Clothes drop bag
long sleeved shirt for pre race

Yep, I'm supposed to remember to bring all those things at 5:00am in the morning.
This is why I lay them out the night before.

Now I just have to get some sleep...yeah right!

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Alice Wills Gold said...

Good luck Terra. My little sister and sister in law will be there. My sister in law will probably place in the top 10...she's amazing.

I hope you get your Boston qualifying time.

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