Thursday, September 29, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


1. Trying to check out a new blog, and getting denied...I'm just not cool enough to make the list

2. Running at elevation two days before my marathon. It wasn't bad but it was definitely different.

3. Getting that sick feeling in my lower abdomen that signals that I MUST find a bathroom NOW! (luckily I was running with Amy, and she knows where ALL the bathrooms are).

4. Eating pretty much nothing but candy on my 15 hour car ride yesterday. I take that back- that was awesome!

1. I'm running my marathon in two days!

2. Amy's mom totally knew what a Tardis was without me messing up the explanation

3. I get to see Lissa in 2 days, and we will have loads of fun! Or sit and watch her kids play while we do pretty much nothing...same thing:)

1 comment:

jclay said...

Good luck tomorrow!!!! I didn't realize you had a blog... I've just read about you on Amy's a bunch... anyway, I hope you do awesome!!!! :)