Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Utah here we are!

I got up at 4:18am this morning in order to be at Amy's house by 5am.

She said that if I was late she would start prank calling my phone until I showed up. Plus she hates being late, and I'm nearly always at least a little late.

But today we were already on our way by 5:10am!

And then we drove...and drove...and drove some more.

My car will go for about 5 hours on a tank of Amy didn't know that when she said she would drive first:)

We waited until we were on I-5 South bound before opening the surprise package that our friend April gave us.

It was an awesome Travel Activity Book with cross word puzzles, word searches, codes, and trivia on marathons and the Boston Marathon!
She's so nice:)

We made excellent time on our drive, only stopping for gas, and once for lunch at Subway. Total time not driving? About 30 minutes!
On our long runs we've been working on streamlining our water breaks and all that practice served us well today.

Tomorrow we're going to ll of Amy's favorite places in Prove, and I'm going to do a little geocaching and life will be great!

...After our very last run, before our Marathon! It's only 3 miles:)

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