Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Holy COW

There are days when I miss the South. The fact that in the South you get a real summer where I might actually feel like putting on a bathing suite. Where I can actually grow a tomato.

Not that I'm bitter about that.

But the one thing that I will never have to worry about when running in the Pacific Northwest- you NEVER overheat!

And we certainly didn't over heat last night.

We had a very last Speed workout last night, and it was fantastic!

6 X 400 Meter repeats with a goal pace of 1:37 (or 6:28 per mile pace) with 400 meters RI between each.

We got to the track...and found that there was Football game going on.
We spoke to a Bus driver who told us there was only about 20 minutes left- and who also let us sit on the bus and out of the rain:)

We had to re-warm up by the time we got on the track but then we busted out our speed work and it FELT GREAT! I loved it! I also love feeling like I'm a stronger runner and even a faster runner.

It's still so new to me to feel like I can actually be at the front of the group.
I checked the results from a local 5k run...I would have placed 1st in my age group if I had run that day!

WHAT THE HECK?! I've never, ever, even thought I had a chance to be anywhere NEAR the front of my age division.

And I certainly never thought I would be THREE DAYS away from running a marathon that has a better than average chance of giving me a Boston Qualifying time...cross my fingers, and knock on some wood.


Amy N. said...

It's gonna be awesome!

Hoovy4 said...

You've earned the BQ! Have fun onc your adventure, and let you hard work pay off on Saturday!