Thursday, September 22, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


1. I always feel a bit awkward trying to explain some of my projects.
Right now I'm trying to learn how to make a coiled basket using traditional techniques but instead of grass, I'm using plastic grocery bags.
People look at me and their eyes ask "yes, but WHY would you want to do that?"
and really? My answer is just "'cause".

2. That it took me as long to pick up some ribbon for the shoulder straps as it took me to sew my nieces Princess dress. Plus it's going to be almost two months late for her birthday. (Not that I've been working on it that long, I'm just that lame of an aunt.)

3. Realizing that it's been almost two months since my nieces birthday and I haven't sent a present yet. Plus realizing that it's almost been a month since my OTHER nieces birthday and I haven't sent HER present yet either.
I've got to get better at this before they learn to read a calendar.

4. I have no idea what to get my Dad for HIS birthday. He doesn't have a wish list and to be honest if I sent him a wadded up piece of paper he'd probably like it and save it. He doesn't have time to read books. Megan is getting him Harry Potter...Other than learning languages, doing paper work while watching Harry Potter, the man doesn't have hobbies.


1. I made Blackberry freezer jam! (this could go in the awkward...I have 15 little jars of it and I'm the only one in the house that can eat it.)

2. I made a yummy new soup! Asparagu Leak Soup

3. I'm feeling really good about my upcoming marathon.

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