Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It turns out I just like running

It's our first week of our Taper, which normally is as painful to me as stubbing my toe and being forced to not run.

That's what it feels like anyway, except without the reason to not run. Just some statement "You need to Taper".

Why? I feel great, and I like running so it seems kind of a waste of training to sit around for at least a week of not two...just waiting for race day?

I LOVE my training program! Tonight we ran a Tempo run- 2 miles easy, 3 miles at tempo (7:23) although I ran an average of 7:19 and then a nice cool down mile. The best par is it all counts as Taper!

I'm getting excited for next week, although Amy over at Run Mom Run, decided I needed to know it was supposed to be in the 90's on race day. Boo!
I shall use my powers of denial and ignore that information:)

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Amy N. said...

I agree, this taper is much less painful than others. I think it's because although our workouts are shorter they are still hard! This is an awesome program!