Monday, October 17, 2011

Race for a Soldier 1/2 Marathon

Back in June one of my running friends told me about this amazing race called Race for a Soldier 1/2.

At the time, what made it amazing was that if we signed up in a group of 4 we only paid $37 to register!

Now, after running the race, what makes it amazing is that this race raises funds to help returning military personnel get the medical help they need to deal with PTSD.

What also makes it an amazing race is that the course is BEAUTIFUL! (and a bit hilly)
with spectators and volunteers over the entire course cheering all the runners efforts.
There was even a cheerleading team cheering to us that we looked "cute", which might have been a stretch at mile 8.

My friend Lissa flew in from SLC, UT for a weekend visit and a month ago I talked her into registering to run the race. Did I mention she hadn't really been training to run a 1/2 marathon.

She did so great!

I also might have annoyed her around mile 9 when she wanted to walk and said she couldn't run anymore and I told her she was going to keep running...which she did.

She was nervous about making the 3 hour cut off which I told her not to worry about and I was right:) It was so much fun to get to run a race with friends- I also ran the entire distance with Alice a lady who I run with almost every Tuesday and Thursday-. Alice also did fantastic and powered through some severe muscle cramps.

This is Elisabeth and another friend Sandra who I met through the often mentioned Couch to 5k Program this past spring.

Did I ever mention I totally love running?


Elisabeth said...

Though I cringe at these pictures of myself I am so glad that I did this. Thanks so much for all of your support- I COULDN"T have done it without you. You are an AMAZING coach!!! Love ya!

Terra said...

I don't know why you "cringe" a the sight of a runner about to do a 1/2 Marathon! Didn't you know that a Race number in a photo automatically slims the wearer 10lbs?

It's true..I wrote it on the internet so it has to be:)