Monday, October 17, 2011

Speed is kind of awesome

I know I said that LAST week was our first official week of speed work, but today really felt like it.

Oh, and Amy and I almost wore matching outfits again. She said that she would have changed before we left if she had also been wearing her Ragnar shirt:)

Today our scheduled called for a pyramid workout.

200 meters (200 RI) ? (I forgot to hit the "lap" button on my Garmin for the 1st one but ran the second in :44)
400 Meters (400 RI) Goal pace was 1:35 (1:30 & 1:33)
600 Meters (400 RI) Goal pace was 2:24 (2:17 & 2:20)
800 Meters (400 RI) Goal pace was 3:13 (3:14)
For some reason the book didn't give us a goal pace for the 200 meter distance, so we decided to run it "super fast"...goal accomplished!

I'm pretty excited that I was faster than my goal pace, since that NEVER happens! Oh, I'm totally counting making my goal even though I ran 3:14 instead of 3:13.

Apparently I run better when my hands are cold and I can't see the pace on my watch. Kind of like bowling and target shooting. I always did better if I took my glasses off I guess "blurry" works for me.

Amy tried to copy my outfit again today:) I showed up at her house wearing my Ragnar shirt, black skirt and white arm warmers...she was wearing her blue shirt, black shorts and white arm warmers! She said she would have gone back in and changed clothes if we had both been wearing our Ragnar shirts:)

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Amy N. said...

Way to go on your speedwork! Your times look awesome!