Saturday, November 19, 2011

Well it seemed like a good idea

Amy and I arranged to meet at 8:45am to go on our Long Tempo run.

I woke up and found that it had snowed during the night.

After my text to Amy to confirm that we were still on I headed out.


Shoes, socks, long tights, running skirt, cold weather top, cold weather running jacket, a most awesome purple wool hat I crochet for my cousin that I never sent (sorry!) and gloves.

My shoes got sopping wet and my toes felt completely frozen. My gloves were awesome but my fingers were so cold it hurt.

What was weird was that I think it actually got colder after we started running with the youth group. MUCH colder. My face felt frozen and my upper lip felt like I had just come from the dentist. I can only imagine what those poor girls felt like.

But still I had a great run:) I got hot chocolate at the finish line! It's pretty easy for me to forget being uncomfortable if I get some food out of it:)

I'm easy like that:)

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Amy N. said...

It was a crazy run! That last leg of the run was the most brutal for me. I was so glad when it was over.

My garmin said we only ran just over 8 miles, I was so happy to find out we actually ran much farther than that!