Friday, November 18, 2011

Retribution is MINE!

On Monday Jason managed to get his icy cold hands on my warm tummy. Being warm is integral to my happiness, so I swore to get even with him!

He laughed and said it was worth it...

So I waited...On Tuesday morning I filled our huge pitcher with water and stuck it in the fridge to cool.

He didn't notice.

Tuesday evening we came back from our run and he jumped in the shower to "Warm up".

Go ahead "dear" and get nice and warm...I waited a couple of minutes for him to get nice and toasty and relaxed and then I got the pitcher out started up the video option on his phone so that I could re-play the awesomeness that was about to happen over, and over again!


Amy N. said...

Tyler and Henry thought it was hilarious.

Jerilee E. said...

Well deserved, I'd say!

Terra said...

I laugh every time I watch it:) which I've done about 10 times today!