Friday, November 18, 2011

My nose is cold...My toes is cold.

The last two days have had some horrible running weather. Rain, WIND oh the wind...and plummeting temperatures.

I think there was slush falling from the sky tonight.

On the bright side if the weather stays nasty I think fewer runners will show on race day for Oly Trot and I'll have a better chance to do well in my age division.

Last night Amy and I went running at about 4:45pm because she had a meeting at 6:30pm.
It was already dark and it was raining and the wind so so horrible! Straight into our faces during the short tempo portion. The portion that had us running uphill...

I also ended up over dressing by a lot. I had my tights on, my dry fit cold weather mock turtle neck, my club jacket, gloves and ear warmer. By mile 2 I was sweltering.

We stopped at the store and I ended up stripping off the jacket and putting my gloves and ear warmer away.

My shoes got wet.

I ended up doing a warm up mile and my first 2 Tempo miles were at 7:11 and 7:53 then I screwed up my watch by not starting the lap over again after leaving the store. Amy and I decided to cut our easy mile short...mostly so we could wrap the run up and get out of the rain sooner. We're hard core like that.
the second Tempo mile was at 7:30 and then the last mile was at 7:19.

None of this adds up to what I thought I ran so that's awkward...

Afterward I was going to go home but thought I'd stick around and say hi to the rest of the club when they showed up. Instead I ended up running another 3.6 miles with a new runner who showed up. At first I was just going to run about a mile with her but it was pretty clear that she wasn't experienced so I stuck with her the whole way. We ran up to the store and then ran back the way we came.

Can I just say I hate running down Capitol Blvd in the dark? Plus in the rain? I can't see where I'm putting my feet. It's been really hard to get my paces running along that road. I'd say it's just me but Amy has been having the same trouble and it all started once it started getting dark sooner and it started raining almost everyday.


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Catherine said...

Reading this makes me cold. Also, "nose is cold, toes is cold" is a funny phrase that makes me laugh.