Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's the little things.

My husband Jason started a 21 day challenge to drink a gallon of water every day.
He invited me to join and since I really should be drinking more water AND I felt a bit guilted into participating since it' his second one and I want to support his efforts to live a healthier life.

The thing is I've been coughing a bit lately and every time I cough it puts pressure on my bladder.

My full bladder.

Before I headed out with Amy today I made sure I used the bathroom. Ever since the football team stopped practicing the school removed the port a potty which means the bushes for emergency's.

NOT my preferred method.

Tonight's speed was cold, and dark but the sky was SO clear! If it hadn't also been 32 degrees (maybe less) I would have been tempted to just lay on my back in the middle of the track and look up at the stars.

But it was FREEZING! So instead I looked up when I could (I'm a bit clumsy so watching where I'm running is important) and appreciated the view.

I didn't make any of my pace goals tonight due to...who knows...But I don't mind.
I got to run with friends under a sky full of stars and if every now and then I don't make a pace goal...whatever!


Amy N. said...

The sky was gorgeous! I'm sorry you were having troubles though!

Melissa said...

Once you are fully hydrated, your body will adjust and you won't have to pee as often even though you will continue to take in the same amount of water. It is the weirdest thing, but TOTALLY true. :)