Tuesday, December 06, 2011

All the stars in the sky

Last night I forgot my headlamp.

Sometimes things like that turn out for the best:)

I had my reflective vest for the run over to the track so I wasn't TOO worried about a car not seeing me (plus Amy had her headlamp). I really like our warm up/cool down runs. Since our workouts are so focused and Amy runs the shorter distances faster than I can...we don't get the chance to talk as much as we did when we were training for our Marathon.

We got to the track and Amy started on the drills we've NOT been doing:)
I think her dance background gives her an unfair advantage...I feel so awkward when I'm doing them.

The only thing that makes them better is that when we do them, it's as a group so we all look ridiculous.

I was kind of dreading our workout because it was 3 X 1600 with (1:00RI) Mile repeats are probably my least favorite speed workouts and I was really worried about that short of a rest period.

It didn't help that I left my Garmin in the car Saturday and didn't have the chance to charge it before leaving the house...it turns out that you can get enough of a charge to last ONE workout in 20 minutes:) (which is how long it can take me to get to Amy's house). The only reason it mattered was, knowing that the charge was low kept me from checking on my speed during my repeats...which seemed to mean I ran it on the slow side.

Warm up 1.84 miles (9:29 pace)
Mile 1: 6:42 (goal 6:42)
Mile 2: 6:56
Mile 3: 6:58
Cool down 1.84 (9:30ish)

I really feel that if I had kept better tabs on what my pace was during the repeats I would have done better at making my goal. Don't get me wrong, it was a hard workout but I've done better when I've been able to see my pace though out the run. The truth is I have no idea WHAT pace I run unless my Garmin is measuring it for me.

Sure, I can tell if I'm running "fast" or "slower" but other than that?...You're guess is as good as mine. Of course the last Xcountry race was run without my Garmin and I kept a pretty good pace but I was gauging my pace off of Heather and Martinho in front of me:)

Even though I might have run closer to my goal times if I had, had my headlamp I'm glad I didn't. It was a GORGEOUS night and I wouldn't have been able to see that with my lamp on. The moon is almost full and so bright it was actually casting a shadow on the track while I ran. The sky was clear, the stars were bright and even though it was a bit "brisk" it was the good kind.

I love running nights like that!


Amy N. said...

It was a gorgeous run last night! I love when the moon is bright and the sky is clear!

Amylee said...

Nights are my absolute fave. No doubt. I run slower if I can't see my pace, too. What is wrong with us when we beat ourselves up about a sub 7 mile? That's fast! We should stop being babies and tell everyone that we are faster than they are ;). Totally joking. Well. Kind of.

Terra said...

Thanks for reminding me Amylee:) It's true! Last year I was so happy to average an 8 minute mile on that same route that I called my Dad and gushed to him:)