Thursday, December 08, 2011

Running and food...Winning! #2

I ran fantastic yesterday!

2 great warm up miles where I got to chat it up with Kevin and then when my little talking watch went "beep!" I ran so fast!

O.K that might a an exaggeration since "so fast" makes me think of how fast Amy runs and since I was still behind her...

Anywho... I ran my 3 miles Short Tempo....UNDER PACE! In the dark, on Capitol Blvd.

Mile 1: 7:09
Mile 2 6:55
Mile 3 7:12


Santa Runs Tacoma 5k is in 8 DAYS!
And this Saturday is the last race in the Xcountry Series- not that I've got a chance of winning...but it's super close between Heather and I (3 seconds).

OH, and after my run tonight I went to the Oly Food Swap and traded my Chunky Applesauce and Apple Butter, and Blackberry jam for treats!
I got two Pints of sweet pickles, a quart of Pears, a pint of green tomato salsa, Plum Jelly, a facial scrub, some peach and ginger jam, tomato jelly, Pear Harlequin ham, some dog biscuits, and cookies!

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Amylee said...

Great job on the run. I can't wait to hear how the race goes this Saturday- It's going to be a nail biter!