Tuesday, December 20, 2011


The truth is I like running hills...

I think it comes from not thinking I was fast but that all I had to do was "keep going".

Since Amy, Heather, Martinho and I finished our 5k training program we decided to participate in the Club Hill workout to change things up a bit.

It turns out that Amy runs hills fast too.

Man, isn't there anything she can't do fast? :)

Although truthfully I think I will have to pick it up a bit since she got a new PR and all her paces have gotten even faster. Maybe she won't want to run with me now that I'm still all slow.

I do need to figure out what races I'm planning on doing next year. Hopefully we'll want to do similar ones so we can be on the same training plan again.

It's really helped my running AND I work harder running with Amy. Last night I would have run a lot slower if she hadn't been running and I know having a running buddy has kept me motivated to continue working hard.

I'm excited and interested to see how my running progresses next year!

(I'm totally running the Christmas Eve 5K with ">Amy N. and Amylee!)


Amy N. said...

Fast? I averaged an 8:30 pace, that's not exactly flying. Apparently my inability to go up and down stairs hinders men but it was so freeing to not care what pace I was running!

I couldn't ditch you as a running buddy! You've gotten so much stronger and faster this year! Don't sell yourself short! Even if we are not running right next to each other we are still doing the same tough workouts and knowing you're suffering the same amount as me gives me great comfort.

Jessica @ www.rerunrunning.com said...

I wish I could run hills... I usually try and find the flattest courses I can, but most of the time I have to suck it up and power up the dang things... I guess that's just another reason I should come train with you guys... So I can learn how to love hills (and run them fast)!!!

I'm so excited for the Christmas Eve 5k!!!! Eeek! (that was my happy squeal!)

Amylee said...

Hills are THE GREATEST. My physical therapist tells me all the time that I shouldn't do speed work and I should just run hills. Hills are speed work in disguise.