Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa Runs Tacoma 5k!

For the two days before the race I was having dreams of not getting to the starting line in time...

That's really not too unusual for me, I'm always worried that I remembered the start time wrong but some of these dreams were just ridiculous.

Running in circles...through the woods...entering the race in the middle...

You'll be happy to learn that I didn't miss the start of the race, although I WAS almost late to Amy's house for the car pool.

It really was a fantastic day to go running!

A whole group of us from Club Oly ran the race and met up before the start:

This is a photo of us after the race...

I was really happy about the race even though I forgot my Garmin in the car and didn't get a PR I DID place 2nd in my age group!

I ran it in 22:19...once again behind Heather:) This time I DID beat Wade AND Martinho!

Wade said he wasn't feeling well and I believe him. Martinho got stuck in the crowd at the start line and it took a while to find his place.

What I think is really fantastic is that this was a race of affermation for so many runners.

For Amy she was re-visiting the very first 5k she ever ran.

For Sandra it's almost a full year since she started running in the Couch to 5k Program and she got a new PR!

For Alice it's the same. She started running last Feb. and she got a great time and PR at this race.

Mayumi also got a PR and has been a runner for almost an entire year.

I love it. I love how running can bring so many different people together and give them a platform where they will cheer complete strangers on, and congratulate people they've never met on a great run.


Amy N. said...

It was heathers first 5k, not mine. But I have run it a couple times before.

I had a blast at the race. I'm sorry wade wasn't feeling well, it makes more sense why he finished where he did though.

I love when a big group of us goes and races together!

Amylee said...

That is still such an amazing time. I love how everyone is able to accomplish such great things in running- no matter your ability.

Jessica @ said...

I think i'm gonna have to move to Washington... I'm really getting jealous of all you cool runners who get to be friends! Great job on the race!!