Thursday, January 05, 2012


My friend Amy does an hilarious post every Thursday called Awkward & Awesome Thursday. I've tried to do it but all I can think is "well, this is awkward since I can't think of anything to post"

It's not like I'm not whole life is pretty awkward. But I can never think of anything when I sit down to the computer!

But this? This video is AWESOME! and so true. You totally go through all those ups and downs in the course of a about those mileage markers too.

I laughed so hard. I almost pants my poop:)

It was also kind of awkward to walk home the other day. Jason got caught in traffic so I had the choice to walk home (which would take about 45 minutes) or site around for at least that same amount of time...the thing is, it was raining because THAT'S ALL IT DOES HERE!

I run in almost every type of weather...sunny weather (not often), rainy weather (very often) snowy weather...I do avoid ice though. But for some reason walking in the rain is NOT the same as running in the rain.

Oh, Another awesome thing is that I learned how to do a Russian Join this week! That just means I now know how to make little balls of yarn into one large ball of yarn without tying knots. Trust me, it's awesome.

I also bought racing flats this week and they are AWESOME! I even get to race in them this week:) I just sat in the store with them on my feet and stared at them while clicking my feet together like I was five. It's also a little awkward because it made me think of when I picked out my wedding dress (yes, I am comparing buying racing flats with buying a wedding dress) My flats fit just right! and so did my wedding dress that I didn't want to take either of them off.

It's a little awesome that I managed to keep that nugget inside my head rather than blurt it out to the guys in the running store...I'm pretty sure Amy and I are competing for 1st place in the "nerdiest patrons" contest.


Amylee said...

That is awesome!!!! I would love to buy racing flats. Maybe that will be my reward for training for Ogden :)

Amy N. said...

I totally win the nerdiest patron. I'm the one who asked Dallas to meet us at the track and teach us how to do hurdles while doing cartwheels in the store.

jclay said...

Haha!! Hilarious video! Personally, I've only made it to mile 20 of the marathon and then I basically died. (though I did not pants my poop... thank goodness!) But I can relate to some of those feelings... well, except the chaffed nipples... though I've seen it on a lot of dudes and it looks seriously painful!

I love that you compared your wedding dress perfect feeling to your racing flats perfect feeling... Hopefully it will bring you just as much bliss! :)

(Ps my husband's name is Jason, too!!! I don't know why I find this so awesome... there are a lot of Jasons in the world... but yeah, we should be friends.)