Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I totally skipped my run tonight.

Amy and I were both struggling with the rain today and even though we can usually pull each other out the door today...we agreed that a nice rest would be nice.

The only problem is that I ate too many chocolates in one sitting and now I feel kind of queasy...

I hate it when I do that because it means
#1 I don't feel well

#2 I wasted good chocolate on feeling queasy!

I'm looking forward to this weekend though because it will be the first time I get to race in my new racing flats!

The only problem is that they only give awards to the top three females and both Amy and Heather are I think the race directors wife is running and that means it's highly unlikely that I'll be in the top

Oh, the trials I go through.


Scott B Sipp said...

Quit thinking negative its not very becoming of you! Think positive you work hard it could just be your day and you get that great finish you want because of all your hard work!

Heatherrie83 said...

Not that I would beat you anyway, but I am not going to be able to run the race saturday so go Terra!! Maybe gabe and i will come cheer you on!

Terra said...

Don't worry Scott I have a fun time running no matter where I finish:)

Heather, are you injured?

It's really still pretty new for me to finish that close to the front so I'm just tickled no matter what:)

Heatherrie83 said...

No not injured, you wish ;) kidding. I just have Gabe because Jeremy works saturday.

Amy N. said...

You had chocolate? I should have bailed on my workout and come to your house!

jclay said...

Haha... I just read basically the same post on Amy's blog. I hate running in the rain, so I totally understand why you didn't run. (Although, you guys get a ton of rain in Washington, right? So you're probably semi-used to it.)

Go for it this weekend... who cares who's in the race, just put those racing flats on and bust out some awesome race!

(this is Jess from rerunrunning, bytheway... I try to confuse people with my regular google account sometimes... okay so really I just don't know how to change it.)