Monday, January 02, 2012

I might be in love

Today Amy and I finally made it down to the outlet mall and the Nike Outlet store.
I've been wanting to add to my cold weather gear and we both just really like looking/buying running gear.

We walked in the door and went directly to the shoe section where Amy squealed like a little girl at the sight of track spikes that were only $29.99! (but were really only $23.00)

If you didn't guess, she bought them.

I wanted some too but having completely average sized feet mean that there are never any shoes on sale in my size.

Instead I bought an awesome green with black accents shirt that Amy wanted but decided against buying because we have so many pieces of running clothing that are identical.

It gets a little awkward at times.

Afterward we went to South Sound Running to register for the White Elephant 5 miler this weekend (Yay! for $5 races!)

It was there I found my very own pair of RACING FLATS!

Oh, sure Amy raved about hers months ago and I had felt the weight difference between our regular shoes and the racing shoes, but really how much of a difference can they make?

A lot.


I almost didn't wear them tonight because it's raining but Jason pointed out that we live in WA and it always rains.

I did great on my 10 X 400 meter repeats with only a measly 1:30 RI. Just enough to make you want more...

My goal pace was 6:22

1. 6:05, 6:04, 6:20, 6:13, 6:22, 6:21, 6:14, 6:21, 6:22, 6:28,
Not too shabby after taking a couple of weeks off AND starting our training on week #6 of the training plan. (that way we'll peak at our next race)


Jerilee E. said...

I am so impressed with the speed work you guys do!! You inspire me :).

Amy N. said...

Racing flats are awesome. They make a huge difference.

Jessica @ said...

Yea for racing flats!!! I love having sweet racing flats or spikes... I think it always makes a difference for me, even if it's just an psychological thing. There's just something about changing into a pair of sick racing flats/spikes that clicks my head into "it's go time!" haha! Love it! Have fun with those this weekend! I'm running a 5 dollar race on Saturday also... they are the best!!! :)

Terra said...

It blows my mind that I can run those speeds even for just 400 meters:)

Even a year ago I wasn't capable of it and it amazes me how much I've improved. I always thought "I may not be fast, but I know I'll always finish". The last race blew my mind when I realized I was in the front 3rd of the participants.