Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's the last day of the year...

It doesn't really mean much to me other than I'm getting ready to start a new training plan and it's a convenient time to set up what I want to do in the near future...

I DO know that this year I want to increase my overall fitness level.

As I run behind Amy I wonder "WHY is she so much faster than me?"

We're the same height...She actually has longer legs than I do by about an inch. I have longer torso than she does though.

I have noticed that I think her foot falls are 1/2 beat faster than mine so I'll be trying to increase that.

I was happy to see that the wear and tear on my old running shoes show that I'm treading on the ball of my foot rather than heal striking like I have in the past.

I also can't wait to start Marathon training so that our speed evens up a bit more:)

My plan right now is to do Ab RipperX Monday, Wednesday, Friday (those are my heavy running days so I don't want to do any leg work on those days)

Then on Tuesday, Thursday, and maybe Saturday I'll be using the Core workout DVD as well as the upper body weight training P90x dvd's.

I'm a little afraid that this might be too much exercise and not enough recovery...I'll play it by ear for the first little bit.

My body fat % is at 19% right now and I think if I increase my strength level and decrease my body fat slightly it will help me make my speed goals. I haven't figured out what that translates into a weight loss goal though.

I plan on just watching the quality of my calories rather than limiting them. Since I run so much I kind of eat like crap just because I can.


Amy N. said...

I need to work on my strength training plan too. Pretty much anything will be better than my current plan, which is nothing.

jclay said...

I love/hate ab ripper x. My husband does it... I do the parts I like. Haha!

Go new year training plan!!! Go Terra and Amy!