Friday, December 30, 2011

Now that the Nyquil has worn off last post was like free association race scheduling...which is what you get when I take Nyquil and then try to update my blog.

I hardly ever take medication of any kind, so when I do it hits me pretty hard.

White Elephant 5 miler 1/7


One of the two following races...

Matchmaker 5k (they haven't updated their site yet)
Friendship run 5k 2/4

Doughnut Dash 5k (maybe) 3/3

Run Like a Fool 5k 4/?

I haven't found one for may that I like...I'm looking for a 10K
I think I might do Seattle's Best 15k! I LOVE 15k's!

June Marathon 6/2
Run for Rett 5k 6/2 I'm starting to see a flaw in my plan...
3 Towers Race (10 miles) 6/4 ....This plan might not be as thought through as I thought...
Sound to Narrows 12k 6/9 ...Seriously?!


The Color Run 5k (this is going be SO FUN!) 7/8

Pacific Northwest RAGNAR RELAY
!!! I'm going to be on an all girls ultra team and we're going to be SO AWESOME! 7/20


Run for Your Lives Zombie Run 5k 8/4

Whatever replaces the Pasta Dash...10K option:) 8/14

I might try to be a pick up runner for Hood to Coast...

Puget Sound Classic 10k 9/29


Zombie Dash 5k
#1 Cross Country Series

The Puddle Jump 5k/10K ...I want another medal...
#2 Cross Country Series
Oly Trot 4 miler

Santa Runs Tacoma 5k
#3 Cross Country Series...other wise known as a Freezing Hell....

How can you tell if you've picked out too many races for the year? I'm thinking I might be stretching myself too thin...although to be honest several of these aren't going to be "races" but instead I'm just running for the fun of it (and an expensive t-shirt)


jclay said...

So I think I might come up and run one of these races with you and Amy... are any of the ones in Feb, March, or April really awesome?!

Looks like a good 2012 race schedule!! :)

Terra said...

I haven't done the ones in February and the one in March is new...but Amy said the race officials are trying to put together something really awesome for the Donut Dash and you would LOVE it!