Thursday, December 29, 2011


With the new year coming up I feel some pressure to figure out what my running goals are (among other life goals).

Honestly I'm waiting for Amy to release her racing calendar so I can stalk her more efficiently. All this guess work gets tiring.:)

I know I want to run in the most awesome all girls Ultra Ragnar team this July...
Amy has agreed to run in the Newport Marathon on June 2nd...

My sister is ruining my plans to stalk Amy at the Rock N' Roll Seattle 1/2 because she wants to get married...shesh.

I'm running in the White Elephant 5 mile race next week.

I'll be participating in the 3 Tower Race...probably anyway, turns out it's on June 6th...4 days after my marathon. That might be a little harsh.

I was THINKING about the Fat Ass 17 miler because one of my friends is running it as her first long race...and it's $5. But I just looked and it's a non-supported TRAIL run up a freaking mountain. I wonder if she knows this. (It's not Amy)

The Friendship Run 5k Feb 4th sounds good as well.

Probably the Run Like a Fool 5k...if the Club is still putting it on.

Maybe the Doughnut Dash 5k on March 3rd...I don't know though, I don't really even like 5k's. Maybe I'll volunteer.

I'm doing the Puddle Jump 5k in October if only because they give out participation medals:)

I also want to put on a Prediction run in the time slot of that used to have the Pasta Dash because I love those types of runs. (the winner is whomever can predict their finish time most accurately. No matter how fast or slow. No timing devices allowed) I want it to be a 5k/10k so I probably wouldn't run that, but I would be behind the scenes.

Maybe another Warrior Dash? Those are a blast!

Then I'll probably be suckered into the Cross Country series again...October, November, December.

The Zombie Dash 5k in October...

OH, and I almost forgot about the Super Hero run on July 4th! It's supposed to have a 10K!

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Amy N. said...

I've already said what races I'm doing next year. I just haven't put together my training plan yet.

Which has to happen before Monday when it's supposed to start.

For some reason the fact that the race was next weekend slipped my mind. I'm not ready for a race!