Sunday, January 08, 2012

Christmas Lists!

Today was the first day that the sky has been clear and blue...not a cloud in the sky!

So of course my church services were changed to 1pm - 4pm.

I don't think it's ever been so hard to go to church!

It wasn't even cold! Sometimes we'll have clear skies but it's frigid and all you want to do is stay inside...but today all I wanted to do is be outside.

By the time I got out of church the sun was setting and all I had to look forward to was packing up the Christmas decorations.

Don't judge.

I know it's been weeks since Christmas but packing decorations up is so depressing and so much work.

Tonight I bit the bullet though. I also took photos of all of my ornaments!
It's not as weird as it sounds...well maybe it is.

One of the Christmas traditions my family has is that we get a new ornament each Christmas Eve. When we leave home we get to take our Christmas decorations with us, so we have something familiar for our new home.

(This one is Clara from the Nutcracker. Megan and I had a contest to see who could hang their ornament (she had the Rat King?) the highest:) )
I want to make a catalog of all the ornaments I've received over the years along with any memories I have connected to that particular ornament. I also received a few of my grandmothers ornaments before she died and I want to make sure that it is known that they aren't just ratty old ornaments that don't need special care and packing.

*cough* Jason *cough*

I also want to catalog all the Nutcrackers he's been given from his grandmother with the same information.

My father gave my mother a music box each year they were married and every Christmas morning she would wind them all up as the signal that it was OK to go in and start opening presents...well, he did until she had over 30 music boxes and told him to give her something else. I can not explain the trauma for the rest of us that there wouldn't be any more music boxes.

So in response Megan (one of my sisters) and I have asked our husbands to give US a new music box each Christmas! Or we just really enjoyed that tradition and wanted to continue it...

Anyway, I'm going to catalog my music boxes as well.

In case you haven't noticed I really like lists. Pretty much any kind of list.
My first real job was at the library:)


Bonnie said...

nice post. BTW the music box tradition didn't begin at the beginning. We were much too poor, but I do have one that I bought myself my first year out of high school. I bought it at a big department store in downtown Detroit. I was working at the Bank of Detroit and felt very "That Girl!" (you're not old enough to know :)

jclay said...

My mom does this, too... I'm not gonna say it's crazy... but it is very very very organized. I can respect that. Haha

I don't like changing church times... 9-12 is always best. Sunday is over before you even know it with 1-4 church... not fun. :(

Catherine said...

I can't stand taking down Christmas. I'd put up lights in my room when I was younger, and keep them up until at least March. The need for removal is one big reason I don't decorate much anymore.