Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another List!

I got an email from Dailymile.com with my 2011 training log.

Yeah, it's kind of awesome...I love lists and graphs.

I also really like the big numbers:) Although I really don't know why August has such large numbers...

IN other new...(this WILL be GROSS so be warned)

I really wish the toe nail on my big toe would just fall off already! I bruised it forever ago and it's so close to letting go the ghost. It would make wear high heals a lot more fun.


Amylee said...

I love my running stats! That's why I'm so obsessed with my Garmin. I seriously just lost my last bruised toenail last night from my marathon!!!! Yahoooooo!

jclay said...

I haven't gone high tech with my running logs yet... I still write them down in weekly planners and notebooks... how lame is that?! Weekly planners don't print out cool charts and graphs for me. I guess I need to make the switch.

And sorry about the toe. I've never had a toenail fall off. I'm curious to know if it feels weird once it's gone. (But not curious enough to find out for myself... so you'll just have to make sure and report on it. :)

-jess rerunrunning

Terra said...

I love Dailymile!

I've had other toenails fall off from getting bruised from races. It doesn't really feel weird, mostly because the toenail grows out before it falls off. If they get really bruised they can get kind of gross and thick but that's only happened to me once.