Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I was SO tired today!

I don't really know why. I got enough sleep but around 4:30pm all I wanted to do was call Amy and tell her I didn't want to do our Tempo tonight.

I hadn't checked but I was pretty sure it was time for one of those awful workout where we have to do a bunch of Short tempo paces...

It turned out I was right.

It also turned out that Amy didn't want to run tonight either so she used her trump card and had "family time" with her boys:)

I used mine by not charging my Garmin and having it die in the parking lot before I even started:)

I thought about just getting back in the car and driving home, but I always feel stupid thinking that. I mean I got all dressed, and drove all the way there...

So instead I took the opportunity to run with some people I don't normally get a chance to run with.

Which was nice:)

Then I texted Amy and gave her grief for going swimming with her boys instead of running with me. Because we all KNOW she should ditch out on family time so that she can run with me:)

And in honor of a facebook conversation on how awful running on a treadmill is....


How bad does the weather have to be to make you do your run on a treadmill?

Pretty dang bad! I've run in thunder and lightening, snow, a little ice, wind, rain, HAIL, and sick and I would do it all again to avoid the awfulness of treadmill running.


Amy N. said...

I hate treadmills. Big time.

I'm totally in a rut. I'm not much into going out and running this week.

Terra said...

I'm fine with that. I have to go into work on Saturday so if you wanted to run with me we would have to go in the evening.

But then again rest isn't a bad thing...

Jessica @ said...

Haha... love that zombie picture! That's hilarious.

Actually the weather doesn't have to be that bad... rain will do it. Snow and wind and that stuff I'll run through. But rain... I just don't like it.

Great job getting the run in... it's always fun to go out with new people... or you could've crashed Amy's swim party with the boys! Haha! :)

Melissa said...

I draw the line at 110 degree heat. I go back inside until it cools back down again.