Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Icky Snow.

Snow doesn't really bother me until it starts getting in the way of what I want to do.

Like run.

Amy, Martinho and I had a great run on Monday over at Marathon park. 5 miles at a 9:06 pace.
Other than the fact that we all wanted to be home before the roads iced we would have kept going.

Well, that and it turns out snowflakes have knives. Well, really they just stung our faces while we ran into the snow.

Tuesday during the day time was great and would have been fantastic to run in but since we meet at 6pm after dark and when the temp falls I had to cancel my run so people wouldn't be out on icy roads.

So instead I bit the bullet and did Ab Ripper 2x.

It wasn't as hard as I anticipated.

I wasn't sore at all today.

Today Amy had the street smarts to "just say no" when Martinho and I were trying to get her to meet us at Marathon Park for a run.
Martinho planned on going anyway and I thought I would either catch the bus down or just walk (I live less than 2 miles from the park) but I took Grace with me (she has been making some very poor choices lately due to lack of exercise) so I couldn't take the bus.

So we walked.

and walked.

and ended up at the dog park with her new Husky friend. :)

She was so happy and cute running as FAST as she could bounding through snow up to her chest.

I tried to get to Marathon Park but there wasn't anywhere clear to walk except in the road and there were a few too many cars for me to feel comfortable so we turned around.

and walked

and walked.

Then I found my secret stash of Peanut M&M's and my day got that much brighter!

But then Jason found them on the counter where I left well as the Strawberry Freezer jam that Amy gave me.

I have been hiding that jam for the longest time so that I didn't have to share it.

It's THAT good.


jclay said...

Yeah, I love strawberry freezer jam! It really is that good. :)

Jess rerunrunning

Terra said...

Amy makes the BEST freezer jam! I've kept it hidden for the longest time.

I shouldn't have told Jason that I had more...